Prom Photos From the ’80s That Own the Entire Decade

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“Forever young/I want to be/Forever young…”

1. Pretty in Pink


I once went to prom in Muncie, Indiana with a girl I met in Paris, France. We dressed exactly like this. It was a ridiculous glorious time to be alive.

2. Kinda, Sorta the Time of Your Life


Sometimes prom just isn’t that fun. Sometimes it’s just a mediocre, okay, non-event. That’s the chance you take when you buy the prom ticket…and the tux…and the dress…and the flowers…and the limo…and the dinner…and…

3. Good Girl/Bad Boy


At first glance you might think this is the old cliché of Good Girl/Bad Boy. You know, she’s all dressed up and in pink and he’s got a tattoo and a leather jacket. But in reality, it’s totally reversed. He actually works weekends in his grandma’s pet store. And she’s a bounty hunter.

4. Question: Why’s This Guy Not Wearing a Tux?

80 sprom

Answer: Because he’s got three dates to the prom, and when you have three dates to the prom you can wear whatever you want! #swag (If hashtagging existed in the ’80s.)

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