Kurt Russell Remembers His Unlikely Mentor Walt Disney: ‘I knew That Guy Was Cool’

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Before he was Snake Plissken, Kurt Russell was a child actor looking to make it big in Hollywood — and the person who gave him advice was none other than Walt Disney at his studio.

“What I learned at Disney was how to make movies, and I learned that from Walt,” the 66-year-old told the magazine Disney Twenty-Three.

Russell got his start in Hollywood on a 10-year contract with the Walt Disney Company in the 1960s.

https://youtu.be/F1CVtaoLXVMVideo can’t be loaded: Kurt Russell Kicks Elvis Presley [From the MGM film “It Happened At The World`s Fair”] 1963 (https://youtu.be/F1CVtaoLXVM)
“Mr. Disney took me around and introduced me to many of the animators,” recalled Russell. “I look back on it now and I realize I was this kid, and he was taking the time to pick my brain, because I think that was an important thing for him to do with young people.

“And in return, I got to listen to him talk about arcs of movies and characters. The process of building an audience’s expectations. The process of creating a character that the audience really cares about and attaching it to life, so that we can all relate to it. So, in that regard, I was getting lessons that I had no idea I was getting.”

However, Russell had another passion he wanted to pursue -baseball. He told the publication that at age 13, he once left the set early to attend a game. When he came back, Russell was expected to be scolded by his mentor.

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