If You Have Any Of These Rare and Valuable Beanie Babies- Because You Might Be Sitting On a Gold Mine.

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Beanie Babies are selling for thousands of dollars on eBay, so if you have one of the iconic stuffed animals hiding in your attic, it’s time to dig it out. These rare Beanie Babies could be worth more than your car!

For many of us, one of our most vivid memories from the 90s is the Beanie Babies craze. Men and women of all ages couldn’t get enough of the stuffed animals — and it turns out that nostalgia could make you smile even more now.

Like many collectors’ items, these rare Beanie Babies have multiplied in value over time. What was once bought for a few bucks can now be sold for a fortune. We’re talking life-changing money here!

Beanie Babies launched in 1991 and became a popular collectible in the mid-90s. According to Fortune, Beanie Babies made up a staggering 10 % of all eBay sales at the height of their demand. When you see how much the cuddly toys are worth now, you’ll be desperate to find one in your storage.

In 2015, one couple bought a Beanie Baby for $12 at a car boot sale — then discovered it was one of rarest versions in the world, worth tens of thousands of dollars! The teddy was one of less than 100 Princess Diana memorial bears made and it sold on eBay for $25,000. However, the rarest of these is a Princess bear known as a “ghost version,” selling for $507,000. Talk about a good return on an investment!

Here’s just a few listed below, but if you have more I would definitely look and see how much you can sell them for. Ill list 11 of them from lowest – highest.

Let’s get started!


1. “Mystic” – $1,000

There are a couple designs of this beauty but this one specifically is worth $1,000!

2. “Snort” – $1,500

Little piggy doesn’t seem like he would be worth much, but he is one of the rarer babes and he is going for $1,500!

3. “Claude” – $2,500

This little tie dye like crab isn’t your typical crab. He’s soft and friendly and the best part is that he could potentially put an extra $2,500 in your pocket! Just look how cute he is!

4. “Mac” – $2,500

He may be pink, but if you’ve held onto him this long you won’t regret it. This rare find, like Claude, can get you some extra cash for fun spending! Hello Vacation!

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