How The Cast Of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Changed From Their First To Last Episodes

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Actors’ appearances change immensely over the course of long-running series, and that especially goes for child actors. With a cast full of characters going through puberty and adolescence, The Brady Bunch almost looked unrecognizable after it aired for five seasons.

We’ve compared the show’s first episode, “The Honeymoon,” and its final episode, “The Hair Brained Scheme,” to see just how much the actors really changed throughout the series.

Spoiler alert: They changed a lot.

Let’s start with the adults:

1. Mike Brady


Robert Reed didn’t appear in the last episode of the series because he didn’t like the plot. Instead, his last appearance is in the penultimate episode, “The Hustler.”

2. Carol Brady


Carol didn’t have the trademark mullet during the show’s last season. Florence Henderson also wore a wig during the first season.

3. Alice Nelson


It looks like producers let Alice’s hair go gray by the time the series wrapped.

Now, on to the kids:

4. Greg Brady


Greg’s orange hair was temporary in the last episode, but we’d be fools to leave it off this list.

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