Hot Dog! Oscar Mayer Is Looking For New Wienermobile Drivers

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Calling recent college graduates, adventure-seekers and hot dog mega-fans: Oscar Mayer is looking for new official “Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers” to drive Wienermobiles around the country for a year.

In a job listing on the Wienermobile website, the company is calling for qualified would-be Hotdoggers to submit their applications for a chance to spend a full year on the road representing Oscar Mayer.

Getty Images | Tim Boyle

If you’ve ever seen a Wienermobile, you know how exciting it is to catch a glimpse of these elusive gems. So can you imagine how extra-exciting it would be to navigate one of these bad boys?

What It Takes To Be A Hotdogger

Hotdoggers are required to be “on the road” for a full year, so those with a healthy dose of wanderlust should apply. The perks include a “competitive salary plus expenses, benefits and clothing; the opportunity to work in a traveling public relations firm; experience in a self-managed position with many responsibilities,” plus, of course “a company car guaranteed to turn heads.”

Getty Images | Tim Boyle

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