Guide to the Best Romantic Comedies

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If there’s anything that Don Jon taught us, it’s this: romantic comedies (or rom coms) are basically porn for women. Though ostensibly a ludicrous assertion, women actually find the same primal fulfillment from the genre as men do from watching a nudie flick. So to give the girls a weekly dose of the bawdy smut they crave, we’ve compiled a guide to rom coms you can watch on demand. Ladies, sit back and enjoy these emotionally onanistic delights.

The Last Days of Disco


This Whit Stillman-directed comedy chronicles a group of Ivy League graduates navigating Manhattan’s perilous club scene during the tail end of the disco era. Alice (Chloe Sevigny) and Charlotte (Kate Beckinsale) are just out of college, working in the publishing world and falling in and out of love with men they meet along the way. Though a financial failure, the movie was critically praised. According to late movie critic Roger Ebert, “if F. Scott Fitzgerald were to return to life, he would feel at home in a Whit Stillman movie. [He] listens to how people talk, and knows what it reveals about them.”

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Runaway Bride


Garry Marshall is the king of the sappy rom coms. From Pretty Woman to Valentines Day, he always manages to fill the troth with the zippy one-liners and longing glances the masses crave. In lieu of making a sequel to Pretty Woman, Marshall cast Julia Roberts as the noncommittal romantic lead and Richard Gere as the charming (and convincing) leading man. The movie was a financial success and received positive to mixed reviews,” but it still worthy of this list.

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Shakespeare in Love


As a subscriber and lover of all things Goop, this rom com, which stars Gwyneth Paltrow as William Shakespeare’s fictional lover, is a personal favorite. To me, the 90s where Gwynnie’s heyday ”she was best friends with Madonna, did yoga everyday, followed a macrobiotic diet (this, by all accounts, is a triumph) and wore that amazing pink, Ralph Lauren dress to the Oscars. For those who want, but can’t afford a $200 white T-shirt from Goop, this is the movie that will get you closer to the elusive Paltrow mystique. Click here to watch.


Kissing Jessica Stein


The film was written by and stars Heather Juergensen as Helen Cooper, a bisexual gallery owner. She meets Jessica Stein (Jennifer Westfeldt), a down-on-her-luck in love copy editor who can’t seem to get a date but is slowly opening up to the prospect of a same-sex relationship. The film is also one of the first to feature Jon Hamm in a supporting role.

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As Good as It Gets


This film won Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture, and was also a box-office hit. It stars Jack Nicholson as a dyspeptic, obsessive-compulsive writer, and Helen Hunt as a no-nonsense waitress. The film also features Greg Kinnear as a gay painter who opens Nicholson’s character up by way of his tiny and lovable terrier.

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