Going To The Dentist…

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Remember your visits to the dentist?

Highlights magazines were everywhere on the wooden racks and tables in the office, bubblegum flavored toothpaste was put on the end of an electric device that buffed my teeth, we got flavored fluoride which we were required to use at home, the toothbrush giveaways (mine was a long hotdog shaped clear tube with a dog head on the front and the butt of the dog on the other end), and fluoride pills.

The sanitary smell of the office and the blue uniforms were all memories that resonate in my head. Our fillings were silver and laughing gas was what my dentist used to numb me up. As I got older I got an injection of novocaine. I still always asked for the laughing gas before that dreaded injection!

The x-ray machine was the worst part of it all! The film they used to use was so hard and hurt my gums as I bit down being told, do not move! Funny, I don’t remember my dentist wearing gloves or a mask!

Although, my dentist was my favorite doctor as a kid. He was so nice and everyone I knew went to him. It didn’t mean I enjoyed going for regular cleanings. When I was a kid, going for a cleaning, usually meant a cavity or two. I consumed a lot of sugar in my day!

Do you remember these PSA’s?

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YouTube Video


Comedian Robert Klein said it best:

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