Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly And A Young Johnny Cash , Earliest Footage VERY Rare

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Although each artist’s account may or may not differ (it is still not really known), Above is rare video of a 1955 concert at Lubbock High School in Lubbock, Texas. Its footage contains performers from the earliest days of rock and roll, all within the same room – the auditorium in the high school. This is apparently a compilation of the oldest found- footage to date of the four legendary performers: Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. The film was shot with an 8mm camera in what is famously known as Buddy Holly’s hometown, Lubbock. It was filmed by his friend Ben Hall, who at the time was a local disc jockey and musician. He would later write the song “Blue Days, Black Nights” from Buddy Holly’s hit album, That’ll Be The Day.  The King performed in Lubbock multiple times that year including one time when he first met Holly at a show at the Fair Park Coliseum on February 13. Holly and his pal Bob Montgomery appeared all the way at the bottom of the bill as their good old country duo, “Buddy & Bob.” Buddy Holly was only 18 years old and still a senior at Lubbock High School. The gentle Elvis Presley, though still not known in most parts of the country in 1955, was already treated like a god in the Southern states, where he was constantly mobbed by fans. In the video, Perkins can be seen in an orange jacket, Cash is wearing a white string tie over a black shirt , and Holly, who turned 19 around that time, and you can easily find Holly in his famous eyeglasses.

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