Crash Annual 2018 – Kickstarter

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The legendary Crash magazine is set to return next year with issue 99 being produced by Fusion Retro books after successfully funding their Kickstarter campaign in around 9 hours. Along with original Newsfield Owner/Editor Roger Kean and original artist Oliver Frey, Chris Wilkins is bringing the publication back in the style of a hardback annual which will feature much of what has happened in the Spectrum universe since the last Crash went to print 26 years ago.

Reviews will play a big part in the Annual
Famous name such as Simon Butler will have their own sections
Crash Mug perk
The exact cover art will be kept secret but it will be by Oli Frey so it will be good!
Crash Wallet perk.

Crash Watch perk

Chris – who has worked alongside Oli and Roger on a number of other projects – has reached out to the Spectrum community for input, with some big names from back in the day such as Simon Butler, Jas Austin, Steve Wetherill and the Oliver Twins responding and contributing articles. Reviews are being written by Spectrum users, just as they were when Crash was the top selling Spectrum magazine in the UK, Nick Roberts will be taking up his ‘playing tips’ section again and Stuart Williams will be taking up the ‘Adventure Trail’ section, all helping to keep the annual’s format familiar to fans. Lloyd Mangram has even been tempted out of retirement to answer readers letters ?

To top it all off there are some amazing perks to be had including Crash branded mouse mats, wallets, mugs, t-shirts, watches, canvases and even a framed ‘Oli-Bug’! Stretch goals have yet to be decided but are likely to include badges, a calendar a cassette based game by Jonathan Cauldwell featuring none other than Egg-Head.

All in all, this is shaping up to be an unmissable treat for Spectrum fans new or old. If you haven’t pledged yet, please do so, lets make this Annual all it can be!

Check out the Crash Annual 2018 Kickstarter page here:


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Crash Annual 2018 – Kickstarter

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