Classic Cars Features We Wish Would Make a Comeback

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They don’t make ’em like they used to. Especially when it comes to automobiles. In many regards, that’s a good thing. Fuel efficiency has improved, electric cars roam city streets, satellite radio is awesome, safety has increased. That being said, vintage cars have a certain style and cool that is lacking in modern vehicles. The colors were brighter, the bodies were more distinct, and the details went on the exterior, not on the digital dashboard.

So many classic television shows were known for their memorable cars. Every time we see a Corvette cruise on Route 66 we get tingly.
Here are 13 trends we wish would come back in auto manufacturing. Which do you miss most?

1) Hood ornaments

From the rockets of Oldsmobile to leaping marlins and jaguars, these beautiful statues led you on towards the horizon.

2) White wall tires

They turn your car into a tuxedo.

3) Tailfins

The more rocket-like, the better.

4) Spare tires on the exterior

A donut on the side door is old, old school, but we’re fond of the spares on the rears of old Lincolns as well.

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