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Forgotten Filmcast Episode 121: Raise the Titanic

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raise the titanic

On the new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast, Simon Appleton from Moustache Movie News stops by to talk about a notorious bomb from 1980…Raise the Titanic.

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Show Notes:
Moustache Movie News
Simon on Twitter

Movies Discussed:
Raise the Titanic
Shock and Awe

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The Cry Baby Killer

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the cry baby killer 6

The Cry Baby Killer, released in 1958, is one of those films that is mentioned from time to time but that very few people have actually seen. It has one big claim to fame, it is the film debut of one Jack Nicholson. We always say that everyone has to start somewhere, but in this case, old Jackie Boy landed the title role. Though, he doesn’t end up being as much of a central figure in the film as you might think.

the cry baby killer 1

Jack plays Jimmy Wallace, a put-upon teenager who is having a bit of a rough night. Seems a slimeball named Manny (Brett Halsey) has not only stolen Jimmy’s best girl, Carole (Carolyn Mitchell), but also had his goons beat Jimmy up and leave him bleeding in an alley. This leads to another confrontation outside the local diner, during which Jimmy gets a hold of the gun being packed by one of Manny’s friends. Shots go off and the next thing we know, Jimmy is hiding in a shed with two accidental hostages, an African-American maintenance man and a woman with a newborn. What follows is a circus complete with cops, reporters, and angry townspeople all gathered to see Jimmy meet the bad side of a bullet.

the cry baby killer 2

Once Jimmy is shut up in the shack, much of the film actually centers around the efforts of police Lt. Porter, played by Harry Lauter. Though there are intriguing elements of Lt Porter’s story, spending so much time with him leads to the conclusion that producer Roger Corman didn’t know what he had yet when it came to the grinning kid playing Jimmy. To be perfectly honest, Nicholson still had a long way to go as an actor when this was made, but still, every time he’s on screen you can’t help but think, “look at that kid go!” His performance is on a different plane than pretty much everyone else in this flick, jittery and filled with angst. Sadly, there are times when the film wanders away from him for far too long. I found myself pleading, “just get back to Nicholson, already!”

the cry baby killer 3

This is not to say, though, that the story surrounding Nicholson’s character does not have some merit. It does manage to be an interesting look at the somewhat blood-thirsty nature that many people have when it comes to watching tragic stories unfold. One of the most interesting moments of the film comes right at the end as (spoiler alert for a sixty-one-year-old movie) the conflict is resolved in a peaceful way. The looks of disappointment on the faces of the spectators who have gathered is priceless. Truth be told, though, I was kind of disappointed in the way things ended myself. The story really seemed to demand an ending that would’ve been much more grim, but also much more satisfying.

the cry baby killer 4

There are other tangents that the film goes on that are intriguing but never really explored as much as they maybe should’ve been. The film is a mere sixty minutes in length, so there’s not really a whole lot of time to get deep. Still, the film does flirt with a storyline that indicates that Manny’s gang pays the owner of the diner extra to essentially slip roofies in the drinks of their female conquests. There’s also a nice scene where Jimmy’s parents talk about the pain involved in watching their once precious children grow into rebellious and violent teenagers.

the cry baby killer 5

Though The Cry Baby Killer is most notable for the debut of Jack Nicholson, it does feature another cast member whose life would take a dramatic turn right around the time of this film’s release. Carolyn Mitchell (real name Barbara Ann Thomason), who plays Jimmy’s girl Carole, met actor Mickey Rooney right around this time and eventually became the fifth Mrs. Rooney. Four kids and a very rocky relationship with Rooney would follow. In 1965, as her marriage to Rooney was falling apart, Barbara Ann Thomason would begin an affair with Milos Milos, a stunt double and bodyguard for actor Alain Delon. On January 30, 1966, Milos shot and killed Barbara Ann at Rooney’s house with Rooney’s own pistol before turning the gun on himself. Another one of those dark and mysterious chapters in Hollywood history.

In the end, The Cry Baby Killer (which incidentally, is a film in which nobody is killed) is a film that will primarily be of interest to those with a curiosity for Hollywood history. Some perhaps have an interest in the Barbara Ann Thomason tragedy. Many will surely be excited to see the earliest big screen performance of one of the all-time great actors. Nicholson is quite definitely what makes this film a somewhat entertaining watch. The parts of the film that don’t feature Nicholson, though, are pretty run-of-the-mill.


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Forgotten Filmcast Episode 120: 1990: The Bronx Warriors

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1990 the Bronx Warriors.png

The new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast takes us into the future, which is actually now the past. Dan Heaton from Tomorrow Society joins Todd to look at the 1982 film 1990: The Bronx Warriors.

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Show Notes:
Tomorrow Society
Dan on Twitter

Movies Discusses:
1990: The Bronx Warriors
The Dark Crystal
The Last Dragon

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Forgotten Filmcast Episode 119: Dark of the Sun

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Dark of the Sun.png

On the new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast, Todd is joined by Lee Grice from Small Press Big Mouth to discuss a very violent film from 1968…Dark of the Sun, also known as The Mercenaries.

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Show Notes:
Small Pres Big Mouth
Lee on Twitter

Film’s Discussed:
Dark of the Sun
Darker Than Amber

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For The Love Of Sci-Fi Review

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Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of December saw For The Love Of Sci-Fi return to Manchester! The two day event brought together guests from the world of TV and Film, along with live artists, prop builds, cosplayers and traders into one huge event.

There was also an opening concert on Friday which featured Ray Parker Junior performing Ghostbusters and Gaten Matarazzo’s band Work In Progress all performing live.

We attended the Friday and the Sunday.

Friday kicked off with a chat to some of the guests in the Star Wars Cantina bar.

During the Q&A L found out that not only did Mike Quinn perform in Star Wars, but he also was a puppeteer on far more 80s films than I realised. He had been a puppeteer on Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal and on Little Shop of Horrors. Mike has agreed to take part in an interview with 80sNos next year.

Nick Maley was also in the Q&A – he is responsible for creating and performing Yoda in the new Star Wars films. He was slightly concerned that Yoda had been misplaced by the airline, as his airport baggage had not turned up. The thought of Yoda stranded in a box somewhere in France is not one I wanted to imagine! Luckily Yoda did turn up the day after and Nick was happy to show him in action. Nick will also be appearing on an interview with 80sNos in the new year.

We recorded the Q&A and will hopefully be able to upload some of the chat with Caleb, Lou, Spencer and Ray in the next few days.

The Friday evening concert was superb! Check out Ray during the soundcheck.

We returned on the Sunday for a full day of Sci-Fi. I am a HUGE Ghostbusters fan, so I was so pleased to find this!

Other builds around the venue included a full-sized X-Wing, and a racer from Star Wars. There was also a full-sized recreation of the Forest Scene from ET, with authentic bikes from the film.

There was a Stranger Things set where you could get your photo taken with Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), along with a full sized Johnny 5 from Short Circuit!

The traders hall was packed and sold everything from plushes and toys to signed photos and clothing. There were also artists in there who were happy to sign anything you bought from them. We did get a *few signed things.

*quite a lot of

You could also get to meet the film and TV stars. Brigitte Nielsen, Carl Weathers, the cast of ET, Lou Ferrigno, Stranger Things… Where else could you meet a line-up of awesomeness?!?

The day ended with a Q&A with the boys from Stranger Things.

Selection of images from the rest of the weekend:

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For The Love Of Sci-Fi

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If you’re undecided on whether to visit For The Love Of Sci-Fi this weekend, here are some reasons why you should:


Guests at FTLOSci-fi include actors from Predator, Stranger Things, Rocky and ET. You can meet them, chat to them, get things signed by them and even have your photo taken with them. Where else could you go and chat to film and TV actors?

Caleb McLaughlin – Lucas in Stranger Things

Lou Ferrigno

Nick Maley – Yoda

Mike Quinn – Star Wars

Spencer Wilding and Ray Parker Junior


There are recreations of sets from Stranger Things and from the forest in ET. There are also a full-sized Star Wars X-wing.


There are hundreds of cosplayers attending this year, meaning you could have your photo taken with pretty much anyone from the Sci-Fi world. Bring your kids along – they will LOVE meeting Iron Man, or Batman, or maybe even The Joker.

Live Art.

There are artist from the world of Sci-Fi comics who are creating art live. They will be creating ONE OF A KIND Original artwork. Each piece will be 32 x 40 inches, and they are selling these magnificent pieces off, at a flat buy it now price.


The Traders hall is huge. Traders sell everything from reproduction film props to comics. In the past I have bought signed trading cards, Lego Minifigures, posters and statues. If you’re into Sci-Fi, I can guarantee there will be a lot of choice for you.

For the Love of Sci-Fi is at The Bowlers Exhibition Centre from 1st to 2nd December. There is also an opening concert on Friday 30th November featuring The Synth Lords, Ray Parker Junior and Work In Progress.

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