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Turns Out The Real Alice In Wonderland Was An 11-Year-Old Girl Who Lewis Carroll Had A Demented Crush On

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You’re probably more likely to know Charles Lutwidge Dodgson as British author Lewis Carroll. He wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass. But what you may not know is how close a relationship he forged with a young girl named Alice Liddell, the real Alice in Wonderland, and the inspiration behind his novels. This relationship has been heavily studied and scrutinized, with many believing it had Lolita-esque aspirations.

Dodgson wrote under a pseudonym, and the first in the series, often shortened to Alice in Wonderland, centers on the titular character falling into a rabbit hole and meeting a serious of fantastical creatures. The book is one of a few that has maintained its popularity despite being published over 150 years ago, like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House On The Prairie series.

Dodgson wasn’t simply a writer. He studied mathematics at Oxford University and was a skilled photographer. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson photos are interesting due to their subject matter. Over 50 percent of his surviving photographs depict prepubescent girls. Lewis Carroll and children go hand and hand. He loved children, and they loved him. Over the years, many have questioned his relationships with young girls, although there’s no conclusive evidence that he acted on what very well may have been impure impulses.

He Marked The Day He First Met Alice As Being Very Significant

On April 25, 1856, Dodgson, then 24, first met Alice and her sisters while they were playing in a garden. He later wrote in his diary that the date had a special significance. At the time, he was busy photographing the cathedral, and the girls were drawn to him. The family later asked him to take pictures of them. He had dress-up clothes and toys in his studio to entertain the girls.

Julia Margaret Cameron/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Caroll Developed His Famous Story After Taking A Boat Ride With Alice & Her Sisters

On July 4, 1862, Dodgson took a boat ride from Oxford to Godstow with Reverend Robinson Duckworth, and his good friend Henry Liddell’s, three daughters: 8-year-old Edith, 10-year-old Alice, and 13-year-old Lorina. At the time, Dodgson was a mathematician. He was tasked with entertaining the children and created a delightful story with a multitude of strange and unusual characters. He made Alice the protagonist.

Lewis Carroll/Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons

Carroll Had Numerous “Child Friends” But Alice Was Particularly Special To Him

In 1960, historian Martin Gardner published The Annotated Alice (revisions were made in 1999.) He noted that Carroll befriended many young girls over the course of his life, but Alice was different from all the others.

“A long procession of charming little girls (we know today that they were charming from their photographs) skipped through Carroll’s life, but none ever took the place of his first love, Alice Liddell. ‘I have had some scores of child-friends since your time,’ he wrote to her after her marriage, ‘but they have been quite a different thing.’”

Lewis Carroll/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

His Photographs & Paintings Were Mostly Of Nude Or Semi-Nude Young Girls Aged 10-15

Dodgson’s apparent fascination with young girls has caused biographers to examine what type of relationships he had with the children he wrote about, took photographs of, and painted. Most of his subjects were girls between the ages of 10 and 15. While much of his photography portfolio is missing, more than 50 percent of his remaining work concentrates on nude or semi-nude portraits of girls. Some suggest this is evidence he may have been a pedophile. Before he died, he wrote, “A girl of about 12 is my ideal beauty of form.”

However, during the Victorian era, it wasn’t uncommon for nude photos of children to be depicted on postcards, birthday cards, or works of art. Children were considered innocent beings. These depictions were not of a sexual nature but of chastity and purity.

Lewis Carroll/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

His Relationship With Alice Abruptly Ended & Some Think It’s Because He Wanted To Marry The 11-Year-Old

In 1863, something happened between Dodgson and the Liddells that severed their relationship for quite some time. Prior to that, he saw the children nearly every day. Scholars don’t know what caused the rift, but Dodgson stopped socializing with the Liddells for several months.

Following Dodgson’s death, a page in his diary was removed that may have provided some insight. Florence Becker Lennon wrote in Victoria Through the Looking Glass (1945) that Dodgson may have been interested in marrying Alice, who was 11 years old. His proposal may have scared the family because such a thing was not acceptable, even in the Victorian era.

Dodgson eventually reconciled with the Liddells but never again spent time with their daughters. In 1864, Dodgson gifted Alice his book, Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. The following year, when Alice was 12, Dodgson wrote that she had changed as a person.

Lewis Carroll/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

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17 Epic Advertisement Fails On Vehicles That Were Noticed A Little Too Late

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A single alphabet can completely change the meaning of the word, the same happens when you change the order of alphabets, as you can see the most epic advertising on vehicles fails.

From sliding doors to opening windows, there’s plenty of stuff that can be run if you don’t implement brand name properly on the vehicle. Or else Mitchell’s Wholesale Provedores might become Mitchell’s Whores. Have a look at some of the hilarious ads on vehicles and don’t forget to share.

1. They Probably Didn’t Think It Through


2. Probably Not The Best Design Placement


3. Way To Think It Through Starbucks!


4. I Love Rainbows So Much I Get…


5. This Habitat For Humanity Van.


6. This Company Van When The Door Is Opened


7. Well Designed Pizza Delivery Car


8. I Don’t Think The Marketing Team Behind The Hobbit Really Thought This Ad Placement Through


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In Preschool, He Told His Class He Would Marry Her And 20 Years Later, He Did.

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Laura Scheel and Matt Grodsky met when they were kiddos in preschool. In fact, one of Matt’s earliest childhood memories dates way back to preschool with Laura. “One of my very first memories is of being 3 years old and standing up in front of my pre-school class, declaring that I would marry her someday,” Matt wrote. But after preschool, the lovebirds lost touch up until freshman year in high school when they reconnected through a mutual friend. Laura and Matt totally hit it off, and within two weeks they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Now, as years have passed since their preschool love, Matt finally decided to “stay true to [his] preschool pledge”, and the pair got married in December 2016. It’s like a real-life fairytale romance!

Laura Scheel and Matt Grodsky have a love story that literally sounds like it came straight out of a novel.

The two go way back, as in, they’ve known each other since they were kids ― as in, they went to preschool together.


The two first met each other when they were classmates at a preschool in Phoenix.

They became the best of friends at school. They’d play together, chase each other around, and would even break nap protocol and stay up together.


On an Instagram account dedicated to how the two met (@thewaywemet), Matt posted a photo with a caption that described his earliest childhood memories with Laura.

He recalled standing in front of his class, declaring that he would one day marry Laura. Laura was special to him, as she was the one who taught him how to eat string cheese “the right way,” ride on swings, and so forth.


Matt saw his future right in front of him at the young age of a preschooler.

“I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day,” he wrote on his Instagram post.


While Matt recalled envisioning his future with the love of his life, while Laura recalls him being one big goofball.

“We did almost everything together,” she told HuffPost. “We would just have a blast together.”


Despite Laura’s memories of the two just fooling around, Matt remembers putting in his best efforts to impress Laura at an early age.

“Lion King was what all the kids were into back then so we would spend most of our time reciting lines from the movie on the playground,” Matt told HuffPost.


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The Objects 10 Celebrities Took To Their Graves

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Ancient Egyptians weren’t the only ones who buried their dead with meaningful artifacts. The ritual is still a common occurrence today, although our reasons are probably different than the Egyptians’ reasons: They believed that the dead would need those certain items in the afterlife. These days, it’s intended as a final tribute to the deceased. Here are what 10 celebrities took with them.

1. Humphrey Bogart — A golden whistle

Getty Images

In her 1944 movie debut, Lauren Bacall told Humphrey Bogart, “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and … blow.” Sometime during their fabled love affair, Bogie gave Bacall a golden whistle charm to honor the meeting. When he died in 1957, the charm was buried with his ashes. Bacall had it engraved with the phrase, “If you want anything, just whistle.”

2. Tony Curtis — An iPhone

Getty Images

Tony Curtis’ family may have had the same thought the Sinatra clan did. When the actor died in 2010, he was buried with his iPhone, a Stetson hat, driving gloves, and a copy of the book Anthony Adverse, the novel that inspired his stage name.

3. Frank Sinatra — A flask of Jack Daniels

Getty Images

After a lifelong love affair with Jack—he took two fingers on ice with a splash of water—Sinatra’s family thought it would be fitting to send Ol’ Blue Eyes off with a flask for the road. Rumor has that they also left him with a roll of dimes, just in case he wanted to make some phone calls from the great beyond.

4. Elizabeth Taylor — Richard Burton’s last love letter to her

Getty Images

Although Taylor and Burton’s love affairs were highly publicized and their love letters quoted in various biographies, this was one she kept to herself. Written three days before he died, Taylor received the note when she arrived home from Burton’s funeral. She kept it by her bedside for the rest of her life and was buried with it at her request.

5. Andy Warhol — Some Interview magazines and a bottle of Estee Lauder perfume

Getty Images

Warhol’s items weren’t exactly sanctioned by the family. Instead, as his casket was being lowered into the ground, his longtime friend Paige Powell ran forward and tossed some of Andy’s magazines and a bottle of Estee Lauder “Beautiful” perfume into the hole. Though the significance of the perfume is not known, Warhol liked to wear fragrances for three months, and then “catalog” them to remember certain periods in his life by the scent.

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This House Has Been Locked And Sealed Since 1956. But When He Went Inside…Unbelievable

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You won’t find any Gatorade spills on this kitchen top. Abandoned for decades, this perfectly pink, immaculately clean kitchen is frozen in time.

The 1962 masterpiece in Chicago was discovered by furniture maker and collector Nathan Chandler 17 years ago.

It boasts blonde wood, star-shaped handles, and all pink appliances including a General Electric combination wall mount refrigerator, and an automatic built-in oven.

Finally, the kitchen was sold.

In a move that should hopefully maintain its spotlessness, the buyer received a few cases of vintage dishwashing powder that was left 59 years ago.

Frozen in time! This 1962 masterpiece kitchen in Chicago was discovered by furniture collector Nathan Chandler last year.

flickr/Nathan chandler furniture

Vintage: Nobody has lived here since, and the 59-year-old General Electric appliances look good as new.

flickr/Nathan chandler furniture

Stunning: The place is decked out in blonde wood, geometric silver handles and pastel pink enamel, which came into fashion in the 1950s.

flickr/Nathan chandler furniture

Art deco: Gold and illustrated patterns were making a comeback at the time, and earned a spot in this kitchen as light shades.

flickr/Nathan chandler furniture

Practical: The built-in refrigerator is raised up so easy to access for the budding chef in this immaculate home, which has been sold.

flickr/Nathan chandler furniture

A few leftovers…: The lucky buyer, who snapped up the kitchen on February 15, inherited some vintage cookbooks as well.

flickr/Nathan chandler furniture

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#1755 – 1988: Card Sharps

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