Bizarre Reasons Why Actors Were Killed/Written Off Popular TV Shows

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People on Reddit were asked: “What’s a reason an actor or actress has been written out of a tv show that I probably did not know about?” These are some of the best reasons.


1. Marissa Cooper from The O.C.


Rumor has it that Barton, who portrayed notorious hot mess Marissa Cooper on The O.C., wanted out of the series to pursue a film career. So she died in the arms of her true love, Ryan Atwood, after being involved in a car wreck. It could have been worse, she could have been lifted into the sky by a UFO.

2. Harrison Wright from Scandal


On Scandal, no one can be trusted or taken for granted, especially if you’re a supporting character. Case in point: Columbus Short, who portrayed Harrison Wright for three seasons until one evening when he drunkenly threatened to kill himself and his wife. After that mishap he was written out of the show forever, with barely a mention beyond the first few episodes of season four.

3. Judy from Family Matters


Better remembered for Urkel and the odd Die Hard crossover than anything else, the Winslow family began Family Matters with three kids. But by the end of the fourth season, Urkel had begun to dominate the series and the producers quietly wrote Judy out of the show, never to mention her again.

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