Be Kind, Rewind To This Blast From The Past

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Ah yes, my whole childhood of spending hours upon hours looking for that one movie they never had. A huge part of our recent culture, and one of the most spectacular modern bankruptcies, Blockbuster was the best.

We have a real BLAST FROM THE PAST: Conor Knighton has spotted a retail survivor in a surprising place: 

“I can’t tell you how many business cards I’ve given out to people ‘cause they literally do not believe that I’m from Blockbuster,” said Kevin Daymude. He’s the manager of a Blockbuster Video outlet in Anchorage, Alaska.


(The Blockbuster Video Living Museum offers tourists a glimpse of how Americans rented movies before the advent of services like Netflix and iTunes.)

The new releases are new, and the candy is fresh, but it feels like a place from another era.

At these last few Blockbusters in the last frontier of Alaska, the employees all know how this movie ends; they’re just trying to pause and enjoy it while it lasts.


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