87 Year Old Granny Twirls Her High School Baton

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I had a baton but not because I was in a marching band, but because every girl I was friends with had a baton. We loved to play with our batons! I could twirl and do crazy eights but I definitely was no pro.

This 87 year old grandma, Donna has “mad” baton skills. According to the description under her YouTube video, Donna, remembers the good ol’ days by twirling her baton. She was a majorette in high school and in this video, she decided to show off her moves but not before she announces loudly and proudly, “Get out of the way, baby!”

Good idea! Stay out of her way, cause she’s about to twirl away! Check Out Her Moves In This Twirling Routine!

YouTube Video

Did you twirl a baton? Boy, I wish I could twirl like this. I 
wish I could Hula Hoop too! One of The Toys That Have Been Inducted Into National Toy Hall Of Fame.


(Sources: YouTube & DoYouRemember.com)

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