8 of Hollywood’s Most Iconic Dresses

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When it comes to Hollywood, the fashion is almost as noteworthy as the films produced and the red carpet events attended. While men can certainly dress dapper, there is only so much you can say about another suit or tuxedo.

On the other hand, you can write an essay on Hollywood’s most extravagant dresses. This is especially true if you’re a fashion geek who loves to know the backstory of who designed the piece and what went into it.

While Hollywood over the years has exemplified glamour time and time again, here are eight of the most iconic looks of the past.

1. Ann Darrow’s sheer gown in ‘King Kong’

What makes Fay Wray’s attire in King Kong so memorable is that the film was released prior ot the Hays Code. This guideline set in place by the Motion Picture Production Code banned suggestive clothing, such as this sheer, art deco-style gown Ann Darrow wore, as well as her skimpier outfits throughout the film. The Hays Code was adopted in 1930, but didn’t go into effect until 1934, making 1933’s King Kong one of the last films to slide by.

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2. Gilda’s femme fatale gown

The black strapless gown Rita Hayworth wears in Gilda would have been one of the sexiest dresses onscreen in 1946, even if it wasn’t worn during an improptu striptease. It was designed by costume designer Jean Louis before Hayworth had a baby, so upon shooting, Hayworth wore a corset and harness to fit into the dress.

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