7 Old-School Playground Games That Will Make You Miss The Old Days

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In a 1962 Twilight Zone episode, a man finds the secret to the fountain of youth. The secret lives in playing a simple game called kick the can. The man lives at Sunnyvale Rest Home. He eagerly shares his find with other residents of the nursing home. Everyone is optimistic about the man’s discovery, except one man.
The residents decide to try out the game to see if it’ll work. The man who doesn’t believe it lets the other residents make a fool of themselves playing the game. Then, one by one, the other senior citizens turn into children, and it’s too late for the lone dissenter.
Games can’t really turn you into a kid again, but they can keep your mind young. Here are seven old school games that are not only fun but can also help you remember your childhood.

1. Hopscotch

Got chalk? You can get a game of hopscotch going. Draw rectangles into a pattern and toss an item into one of the rectangles. Hop through the other spaces to retrieve the item.

2. Jump rope 

Jumping rope is not only fun, it’s a great workout. You just need a jump rope or long cord to get going.

3. Apple bobbing

If you’ve ever been to a Halloween party, bobbing for apples probably has been an event on the agenda. If you haven’t had the opportunity to bob for apples, why not try it out? It’s pretty easy to play. Just fill a tub up with water and add apples. Use your teeth to try to get the apples out of the water.

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