7 Fun Facts About Jim Henson And The Legacy He Left Behind

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You probably know Jim Henson best as the creator of the Muppets, and the visionary behind such iconic characters as Kermit the Frog (who Henson also voiced), Big Bird, Miss Piggy, Grover, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster. The brilliant puppeteer also had a prolific career as short film creator and commercial producer. Read on for seven fascinating facts about the creative genius.

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1. Henson Had Help From This Longtime Collaborator

Frank Oz was Henson’s longtime collaborator, performing characters including Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Cookie Monster, Bert and Grover. He also directed several Henson productions, including “The Dark Crystal” and “The Muppets Take Manhattan.” On their longtime relationship, Oz had this to say about Henson: “Jim was extraordinary in that he would always allow me to voice my opinion. I think he should’ve fired me many times. He was extraordinarily patient. There was a closeness there that I can’t explain.”

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2. Kermit Was Henson’s Alter Ego…But Wiser

Many people assumed Kermit the Frog was Henson’s alter ego. Henson somewhat agreedwith the comparison, with a caveat: “I suppose that he’s an alter ego,” Henson said. ”But he’s a little snarkier than I am—slightly wise. Kermit says things I hold myself back from saying.”

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