50 Tragically Hilarious Wedding Announcements

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When I was a little girl, I fantasized about the Princess wedding. When I got older, every time I had a crush on a boy, I would imagine my being married to him and what my name would be and I am happy to say, it flows pretty well!

Two families – with two different last names – joining together should be a wonderful occasion, but in these people’s cases, it was an occasion of hilarity instead of beauty. Enjoy these hyphenated names that they hopefully didn’t keep past the wedding day.

1. Gross – Pantti

Isn’t the word “panti” gross enough already??


2. Long – Wiwi

The groom should probably take the bride’s name here.


3. Cockman – Dickman

Honestly, what are the odds of these two even meeting, much less getting married?


4. Looney – Warde

A match made in Bedlam.


5. Hardy – Harr

Their life will be filled with laughter every day.


6. Best – Lay

Hopefully, this hyphenated name describes the wedding night…


7. MacDonald – Berger

The best part of this is that neither word is *quite* spelled the “right” way.


8. Fillerup – Standing

The name “Fillerup” is quite astonishing all on its own.


9. Partee-Moore

This name is what everyone will yell at their wedding reception.


10. Kuntz – Dick

I believe it’s pronounced “koontz.” And “deeck.”


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