25 Jaw Dropping Rare Historic Photos

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There are certain photographs that permeate our culture in ubiquitous fashion. In other words, they are everywhere! But since we all know the famous photos, what fun would it be to show them here? Fear not, the following selections include only those photos which are rare and have been largely unseen. Be prepared to be amazed…

1. Marilyn Monroe, age 17

History In Orbit via Pinterest – Diego Sessa

Marilyn got married in 1942, just after turning 16 years old.

After working at a Radioplane factory during World War II, she was discovered by an Army/Air Forces photographer, prompting her to quit her job to pursue a modeling career.

2. Bob Marley with Miss World, Cindy Breakspeare – 1976

History In Orbit via Funtime.ge

They are the parents of Damian Marley.

Cindy has recently divulged details about her relationship with the late reggae artist, “He was not only attractive but intimidating for a young girl like me. I knew instinctively if I were to enter into this relationship with him, it would change the trajectory of my life forever.”

3. 1970’s Hitchhikers

History In Orbit via Blogspot – Miriaml

Back when hitchhiking wasn’t dangerous… sort of.

Believe it or not, there was once not a stigma attached to hitchhiking. In the 1960’s and 70’s, it was even thought to be ‘cool.’ Good luck trying to sell that idea to parents nowadays.

Our next rare photograph is of one of the most beautiful women of all-time.

4. Lynda Carter – 1976

History In Orbit via MrQuick

After being voted “Most Talented” while attending Arizona State University, she dropped out to pursue a career in music.

The angel of everyone’s dreams, Lynda Carter graced our TV screens as Wonder Woman from 1975-1979.

5. Sorority sisters at University of Texas – 1945

History In Orbit via Buzzlamp

After the war, a huge amount of returning veterans went to college, reinvigorating the party scene.

These sorority sisters at UT are representative of all college students during the late 1940’s and 1950’s. They finally shared a renewed sense of optimism following the previous decade of war and financial depression.

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