20 Crazy Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe Actually Happened

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Have you ever witnessed something, or had something happen to you that leaves you thinking, “what are the odds of that happening?”

Strange coincidences that defy all odds are incredible — but to catch those coincidences on camera? Even crazier.

Is it fate? Are you just at the right place, at the right time? These bizarre situations are hard to explain — but they’re super entertaining.

These 20 photos will have even the biggest skeptic wondering if there’s such thing as fate — or are they just random coincidences?


1. The rate of speed, surroundings, and the timing of the shot all had to work out perfectly to make this happen.


2. Seriously, though — was this picture taken on planet Earth?


3. This bird legit just landed on a page about itself.


4. This person’s tattoo just became way more special. It literally attracts dragonflies.


5. A fisherman lost his wallet in a lake 20 years ago. He just found it in one of his fishnets.


6. So, apparently, this is a thing. Birds and insects do this.


7. After catching this epic lightning shot, they zoomed in and saw the name of the boat in the distance.


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