20 Celebs With Unusual Body Parts

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Celebrities always seem to be under a much higher level of scrutiny than us regular folk. That’s probably the price they pay for all the benefits they reap from their fame.

While many of us may live our lives completely unaffected by the fact that we have a third nipple, that is simply not the case with celebrities. Let’s check out which celebs have the strangest and most unusual body parts.

1. Mark Walberg

Mark Wahlberg is not really ashamed of his third nipple, he’s actually kind of proud of it. The actor said that he has learned to embrace it and that he now pretty much considers it his prized possession. So that’s pretty cool. It is estimated that one in 18 men have an extra nipple, which is a lot if you think about it. The condition is known as polythelia or supernumerary nipple, and it also affects women, but in a significantly lower number – one in every 50.

Today, having a third nipple is no big deal but a long time ago, even before Salem, during the witch hunts in Europe, having an extra nipple was a sure sign of a witch or a warlock. They were known as witch’s teats and warranted an immediate burning at the stake. Mark Wahlberg is not the only celebrity with a third nipple – in fact, actors Frank Langella and Zac Efron have one, and so do Jackson Browne, Harry Styles, and Brian Jones.

2. Megan Fox

For most people, especially guys, Megan Fox is absolutely perfect. But she has one small imperfection, though (not that it damages her terrific looks in any way) – clubbed thumbs. The condition known as brachydactyly, which literally means “small fingers,” is often inherited and in addition to having a thumb that is shorter than normal, the nail is also very short and wide.

According to most official medical explanations of this pretty uncommon trait, people who have this condition in most cases have inherited it, although it may also result from frostbite or a childhood injury. Aside from a misshapen thumb, people with bradydactyly have no other anomalies and can be absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way, just like Megan Fox.

As for the stunning actress, although she is flawless in every other way and despite the fact that not even a gnarly thumb can ruin her beauty, she still prefers using a hand double for close-up shots of her fingers.


3. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is another actor who is just perfect in every possible way but has something a bit weird going on with one of his fingers. In Denzel’s case, it’s his pinky, which is bent at a 45-degree angle.

The weird pinky is a result of a basketball injury Denzel got when he was a kid. The finger wasn’t set properly and probably never healed well either, so it remained disjointed at the bottom joint at a weird 45-degree angle. In fact, the finger can be popped out of its place even further, which is something Denzel used as a trick many times while he was still a young, struggling actor.

One of his co-stars said that Denzel used to fool around with the pinky quite a lot, especially if there were children around. Needless to say, people, especially kids, were always pretty freaked out by it. But, in the end, with a guy like Denzel, who would mind a freaky finger or two?

4. Lily Allen

Like Mark Wahlberg, Lily Allen isn’t at all ashamed of her third nipple. In fact, she thinks it’s pretty hot and loves showing it off during interviews and various media appearances – most recently she showed it off during a DJ performance in the Bahamas. Knowing Lily Allen, it’s no surprise she’d want to boast about a special feature like that.

She said that one day she went to the doctor to have the weird mark under her left breast examined and the doctor said it was a third nipple, something approximately 20% of the population has, including other female celebs like Tilda Swinton and Carrie Underwood.

Since becoming famous, Lily Allen has showed off her extra nipple on many occasions. The pop star says it gets hard when you touch it and doesn’t seem to mind it at all. And why would she? The third nipple is neither that rare nor abnormal. It’s just a little extra something to love.

5. Rivers Cuomo

The charming Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was born with one leg significantly shorter than the other. For years he struggled with it, and when he finally became super-famous and made enough money, he decided to have it fixed, although he knew that the process was going to be long and painful.

The leg, which was 44 millimeters (2 inches) shorter than the other one, was fixed in a complicated, highly painful surgical procedure, followed by a lengthy and also very painful recovery. The surgeons basically broke his leg with a chisel, separating the bone.

They put a device around Cuomo’s thigh with screws on it, which he was supposed to turn just a little bit every day for 44 long, excruciating, hellish days. The surgery took place back in 1995, before Cuomo went to Harvard. The experience inspired Cuomo to write the hit single “The Good Life” and the single’s album, the famous “Pinkerton,” featured an X-ray image of his leg.

6. Steven Tyler

It takes one look at the quirky Steven Tyler to understand that this man just has to have something a little off somewhere on him. But, to be honest, his “defect” is not something he was born with but rather a result of years of dancing on stage and giving himself and his body to the show one hundred percent.

Tyler has a condition called Morton’s neuroma and it involves his feet and particularly his toes, which over the years have become deformed and painful. As Tyler explained in his memoir, the surgery to repair his feet involved cutting some bone and taking out two of his knuckles.

The doctors also took out a ganglion of nerves, which was oversized, traumatized and deformed. As a result, Tyler can no longer feel certain parts of his feet, but claims to feel the so-called phantom pain, similar to the “pain” amputees feel after they have had a body part removed.

7. Harry Styles

Another mega-celebrity with extra nipples. One Direction’s Harry Styles has not one but two extra nipples. Basically, he has two sets of nipples, something he explains by saying that there’s a good chance he had a twin who left him and simply left his nipple behind to remember his by. A great way to embrace something most people would be ashamed of, for no good reason, of course.

Styles is one of the One Direction boys who loves to show off their muscles. Once he was a bit self-conscious about his extra nipples but today he’s obviously over it. He did, however, cover the third and the fourth nipple when he shot the video for Kiss You with no shirt on.

For the devoted One Direction fans, the fact Styles embraces his extra nipples and has a sense of humor about them makes him even sexier, if that’s even possible. Judging from the number of hot celebs with extra nipples, maybe the additional teat or two should be seen as a key to success?

8. Tilda Swinton

By now you realize that having a third nipple is really not that rare and that, judging from the successful celebrities who have more than two nipples, it might actually be an asset.

Tilda Swinton is one of the most respected British (and global) actresses right now. Some people are kind of convinced she’s an alien, so it comes as no surprise that she has at least one weird body part. More precisely, an extra nipple.

The nipple, which she calls “a witch’s mark,” was there since her childhood and she used it to scare her brothers when they were bothering her. The Oscar-winning actress discussed her extra nipple alongside other celebrities who sport this additional physical feature in a Channel 4 documentary film “The Triple Nipple Club,” which showed to the world that a third nipple is not only not Satanic or abnormal, but completely natural and actually quite common.

9. Karolina Kurkova

For a long time, the gossip columns were taking about Karolina Kurkova’s weird navel, or, more precisely, the absence thereof. Finally, the reps for the supermodel broke the silence and solved the mystery. Karolina really doesn’t have a proper bellybutton, and it’s a result of a surgery she had when she was a baby.

According to experts, including Dr. Matthew Schulman of Mount Sinai Medical Center, the model’s flat belly button is most likely linked to an umbilical hernia that was either fixed or left untreated – in either way it resulted in a flat belly button. Dr. Schulman, however, believes that it was most likely fixed, since all hernias should be fixed, especially in infants.

As for Kurkova’s perfect bellybutton, we see in magazine spreads, it’s most likely Photoshop. Even though having a flat, the basically nonexistent navel is nothing to be ashamed of and is in no way unattractive, it’s still, unfortunately, perceived as an abnormality that the fashion industry wants to spare us.

10. Kesha

When it comes to Kesha, you can never really tell whether she’s being authentic about something or she’s just trying to shock and awe. This applies to the rumors about her tattle tail too.

For a long while the online community was speculating about the pop singer being born with a tiny tail, or, medically speaking, vestigially of the coccyx. However, the audience had plenty of opportunities to glance at her booty and there were no signs of tails or anything like that.

Kesha did come forward with it and said that she was, in fact, born with a tiny, half-inch long tail that was “chopped off,” leaving her sad and tailless. However, cynics are arguing that she might have made it up to draw additional attention to herself, or, which would definitely be more positive, to empower people born with different kinds of “abnormalities” to embrace them instead of feeling alone and ashamed.

11. Gemma Arterton

You would think that a woman would need to be absolutely perfect if she wanted to become a Bond girl, right? Well Gemma Arterton might be perfect right now, but that definitely wasn’t always the case. She had a pretty weird deformity growing up, and she got rid of it in an equally weird way.

Believe it or not, Gemma was form with an extra digit. That’s right, she actually had 6 fingers on her hands instead of five. Yes, she had an extra digit on both of her hands, not just one. Of course, there really is nothing detrimental about having an extra finger. In fact, you can probably do some things better in life. For example, a soccer goalie might not mind have an extra digit on his hands to make his hands a bit bigger.

But in most cases, you’ll probably get made fun of for looking like a freak. So Gemma had hers removed. But she didn’t remove them surgically, instead she tied them off so that blood was stop circulating to the fingers, after which they fell off on their own. Eww.

12. Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has a defect that most people actually find pretty cool. When you say the word “defect,” there’s usually some type of negative connotation. But not in Bosworth’s case.

Her defect is that she has eyes that are two different colors. So in reality, there are tons of people who find her defect to be exotic and sexy. It’s not really all that noticeable from afar, but if you look at her closely, then you will see that one of her eyes is blue and one is hazel. This is a pretty common condition and it is called heterochromia. In fact, Kate is not the only celebrity that has this defect.

Mila Kunis also had two different colored eyes, but in her case, it was the result of a condition that was actually potentially harmful, called chronic iritis. Kunis got eyes that are in two different shades after the surgery that she had to undergo to fix her chronic iritis.

13. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has a condition that you actually might see very commonly in life. However, you usually don’t see it on incredibly hot chicks. Usually, you’ll see it on old ladies who have been wearing uncomfortable shoes for long periods of their lives.

This condition is when you have toes on your feet that cross one over the other. It’s pretty weird looking, so we imagine that you’re not going to see Garner in flip-flops much. Thankfully, she only has one overlapping toe on one foot, so it’s not all that bad. As stated earlier, this usually comes from wearing uncomfortable shoes for extended periods of time, mostly from wearing heels a lot.

But obviously, Garner doesn’t care that much since she definitely has enough money to get that fixed. There are definitely corrective surgeries that can take of that for her no problem.

14. Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi has something that a lot of people have – a very noticeable scar. It’s a pretty huge scar that you really cannot miss, since it’s located right on her arm. Padma was in a pretty serious car accident when she was a teenager, and that’s where the scar comes from.

In the accident, her arm was completely shattered and the recovery was pretty brutal. Even though the arm is a good as new now, in terms of the bones, that scar is here to stay. Well, she could also probably have some kind of corrective surgery done to get rid of it, but just like Garner, she is pretty fine with her deformity.

If you see her on the red carpet or even on the street, you will probably see the scar as well. She has no problem going out with no sleeves on and she seems incredibly comfortable with it. This is great because she can be a role model for people who have scars and are embarrassed by them.

15. Kate Hudson

One of the themes here seems to be that there are not only a lot of celebs out there with deformities, but that most of them are completely fine with having them. Kate Hudson is another example. She actually has an extra toe on her foot, and she’s not afraid to show it.

She could have definitely gotten rid of it as a child, but she didn’t want to apparently. You will always see Kate showing off her feet, which are quite beautiful, and you probably won’t even notice her sixth toe if you are not looking that hard.

And not only does Kate have this issue, there is another incredibly hot Hollywood star that shares it. Believe it or not, Halle Berry has the same exact condition and she never hides it either. Good for them!

16. Joaquin Phoenix

When it comes to having scars, it seems that men are more likely to embrace them than women. Some guys think that having a scar makes them look tough. There are even women out there who love to see scars on guys.

Joaquin Phoenix has a scar, but he did not get it from a bar fight or from falling when he was a kid. He was actually born with it. He has a condition that he was born with, and it’s called a microform cleft. It’s kind of like a regular cleft lip, but it’s not as obvious and you can’t really see it that well unless you really look hard. So basically, it just looks like he has a small scar on his lip. So it pretty much looks like he got into a fight, busted his lip, and then had to receive some stitches.

17. Ashton Kutcher

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 29: Actor Ashton Kutcher named Lenovo product engineer and launches Yoga Tablet at YouTube Space LA on October 29, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Lenovo)

Ashton Kutcher is easily one of the best looking guys in Hollywood, he was even able to land Demi Moore. What could possibly be wrong with him. Well, he has webbed feet. It’s a pretty common condition and it doesn’t really look as bad as you would imagine.

It’s not like it looks like he has duck feet or anything. It’s just that all of his toes are linked with small pieces of skin, and it’s not really all that noticeable. If you were giving him a foot massage, you would probably notice it. But since you are not, you wouldn’t even be able to tell if you saw him on the beach with bare feet. Naturally, Kutcher is a chill guy and he really doesn’t care about it. You’ll pretty much always see him in flip-flops when the weather’s nice.

18. Shailene Woodley

Is Shailene Woodley the missing link? She might be. She actually has what is called prehensile hands and feet. This means that she is able to use her hands and feet in the same way that a monkey is able to. So she can do a lot of cool stuff with her feet that a lot of us can’t do.

And she’s another star that embraces her deformity as well. In fact, she said that her special talents are pretty popular and she likes to perform tricks at parties. She is even apply to hold hands with her feet. Do people want to hold her feet? Probably. So if her career ends soon, she can always join the circus or something and show the people how she is special and how she can do things with her hands and feet that most humans cannot.

19. Damon Wayans

Damon Wayans is one of the funniest people alive, so there’s probably nothing that would make him less funny. He actually used to have a clubbed foot, which is a condition that he was born with. However, he had surgery to fix it when he was a child, so now there is nothing wrong with him.

Of course, you don’t really have to have surgery to fix it, it’s not like it’s fatal. But having a clubbed foot might make walking a little harder for people who have it. And it’s also a very normal and regular deformity that a lot of people have. In fact, one in 1,000 people are born with this problem. The surgery is actually pretty easy going and the risks are practically non-existent, which is why most people choose to remedy the situation if they are born with such a condition.

20. Taye Diggs

Here’s another smoking hot celeb that had extra digits. There looks to be a pattern forming. Maybe people who are born gorgeous simply need to have some type of flaw when they are born so that people don’t get too jealous. Taye Diggs is incredibly good looking, almost too good looking.

He was born with extra digits, but as many other on this list, he had the problem rectified while he was still a child. Of course, there really is nothing that could make Diggs unattractive, he’s pretty much the perfect male specimen. But it just goes to show that not everyone is born perfect, not even the sexiest of the sexy. Diggs would probably be able to get any woman in the world even if he had two or three extra digits, no problem!


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