1987: Bruce Willis and The Temptations- “Under The Boardwalk”

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In 1987, Bruce Willis had a singing alter-ego named “Bruno.” This character was primarily a Motown singer. He went from being just “that guy from Moonlighting,” to starring in an mockumentary called The Return Of Bruno. The movie is about Willis’ musical alter ego, a slick New Jersey rocker named Bruno Radolini. (The film also shared a title with Willis’ first album.)

Bruce WIllis’ debut album, The Return of Bruno came out in 1987.

In the film, Radolini was responsible for everything from getting The Beatles together to inspiring a young Jon Bon Jovi to sing about the hard times, and he was also, in fact a key part of the “Second Revolutionary War,” a response to the British Invasion. He was a pretty big deal in this made-up entertainment world (This movie is hilarious.)…

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