1984-a-thon Day 5

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1984_blogathonJust two more days to go on the epic 1984-a-thon, but we have a ton of great reviews to fill your weekend. Enjoy this latest batch of posts!

– Prowler Needs a Jump kneels before The Pope of Greenwich Village.

– Mike’s Cinema gets mixed up in a little Cloak & Dagger.

– The Rosebud Cinema heads down to The Cotton Club.

– It Goes to 11 reviews the late Robin Williams in Moscow on the Hudson.

– The Movie Rat looks at a film that was destined for MST3K greatness…Devil Fish.

– The Pink Smoke says…Choose Me.

– Rob O’Hara has a case of Electric Dreams.

– The Deadrick Movie Night Podcast chats about Bachelor Party.

– Ed South’s Wonderful World of Blog looks at Angel.

– One Breakin’ movie wasn’t enough in 84…Bury Me in Red Lipstick looks at Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.

– From the Depths of DVD Hell is going Nowhere Fast and reviews Streets of Fire.

– The Flicks Chicks cut loose…Footloose.

– Full Moon Reviews looks at the forgotten slasher film The Initiation.

– Three words: Giant Killer Pig…Curnblog looks at Razorback.

– Silver Screenings tells us A Soldier’s Story.

– Cinema Enthusiast looks at the documentary Streetwise.

– The Throwback Reviews podcast talks about the often forgotten film Firstborn.

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