1984-a-thon Day 1

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1984_blogathonWell, here we go! The 1984-a-thon is in full swing. Each day I’ll post links to several of the reviews being posted by our awesome group of contributors. Be sure to visit, link, comment, tweet, etc. Here is a our first batch of reviews. Enjoy!

– It’s only fitting that in 1984 there was a film adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984. Let’s Go to the Movies watches along with Big Brother…1984.

– Talkie Gazette examines the year’s best picture winner: Amadeus.

-Redhead at the Movies reminds us to keep them out of the light, don’t get them wet, and never feed them after midnight with her review of Gremlins.

– Cinematic Catharsis takes a look at Werner Herzog’s Where the Green Ants Dream.

– Nick at Your Face reviews the debut of the Coen Brothers, Blood Simple.

– The Droid Your Looking For looks at the Zucker Abrahams Zucker comedy Top Secret!

– Lackey from The Nightmare Gallery peaks out the window at Brian DePalma’s Hitchcockian Body Double.

– Cinemaburn has a bad experience with He Who Walks Behind the Rows in Children of the Corn.

– Drew Barrymore burns down the house when Coog’s Film Blog looks at Firestarter.

-The Vintage Cameo plunges into the waters of Lake Minnetonka to review Prince in Purple Rain.

– Sometimes They Go to Eleven goes Under the Volcano.

– Pop Culture Affidavit catches up with your favorite crazy recruits in the original Police Academy

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