15 Things You Didn’t Know About “The Lion King”

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The Lion King, made in 1994, is both miraculous and stunning. Colossal themes of family corruption and undying loyalty make this movie a wonder to behold. Here are some awesome facts about this epic movie that you may not know:

1. When Pumbaa farted, it was the first time this happened in a Disney movie.


2. This movie changed its theme.  Originally, it was going to be about a conflict between lions and baboon and Scar was going to lead the baboons. Also, Rafiki was going to be a cheetah.


3. The original title to this film was, ‘King of the Jungle’ until Disney realized that lions don’t live in the jungle.


4. The original ending was going to be Simba being thrown off the cliff during the last battle against Scar and that was that. However, the film shows us that Simba survived the fall.


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