15 Of The Most Iconic Cars Of The 70s

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You didn’t have to be alive in the 1970s to know how crazy they were. John Travolta was disco dancing in bell bottoms and shag was a desirable feature for a rug, not just something you did on it. Serious news from Watergate and the war in Vietnam heavily impacted, well, everything, but ultimately didn’t put a damper on style. The cars reflected all of it, from garish excess to the automotive dark ages when the Oil Crisis and the advent of emissions standards combined to cause as much muscle-car agony as Burt Reynolds selling his beloved Bandit.

Some of the cars below would be in the Automotive Hall of Fame if it actually inducted automobiles (but it doesn’t, weird right?) and some of them are just gloriously tacky as hell. Either way, they’re the 1970s-est cars of the 1970s.



Stutz Blackhawk

The Blackhawk basically is the 1970s wrapped up in a single car. It cost slightly more than a Lamborghini Miura, but what you got was a body that was hand-built in Turin, Italy, more than 15 coats of paint, gold-plated trim to go with shag carpeting, and your name engraved on a plate on the dash. It was a hit with the celebrity crowd — postwar Elvis, Willie Nelson, Lucille Ball, George Foreman, and a host of others all bought one.

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