13 Random Things You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Know

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You know those things that pop up every now and again where they completely blow your mind when you take the time to examine them a little closer.

Like, when you thought Whataburger was “Waterburger” or that time you thought Washington D.C. was Washington state.

Yeah, we are talking about those little things in this post. After reading this, you’ll definitely be a whole lot wiser than you were a minute ago.

1. Fire has no shadow

But it makes shadows…

2. Chewing gum while cutting onions

Prevents you from bawling your eyes out while you make pasta
A Real-Life Housewife

3. The Tostitos logo is two people sharing chips and salsa

Weird. I hate sharing my Tostitos.

4. Baby rabbits are actually kittens

Mom, the cat just killed and ate a whole bunch of kittens! That’s not confusing at all.
Oxford Dictionaries

5. You don’t have to unlock your iPhone to respond to texts

What the hell is the point of the lock function, then? Still, this just made my life so much easier.

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