12 Notorious Killers Who Found Love In Prison…And Got Married

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Why would a woman be interested in a killer who’s in prison? First of all, there’s that whole “prison” thing; it isn’t like they would actually be able to hang out or do anything together, but secondly, and definitely more importantly, in case you missed it, the guy is a killer. This is taking liking bad boys to a whole new level. Some dude is rotting away in prison and he killed someone, and these women are lining up to get married to him? And there you are, trying to be a nice guy, and you can’t even get a date. If you think about something like this too long, you’re going to get pretty depressed.

Some of the killers on this list are world-famous serial killers, others are men that are relatively obscure and that just have one victim. In fact, the only thing that they all have in common is that they all killed, and they all found some incredibly messed up chick to marry when they were behind bars.  And here you were thinking that your last girlfriend was all screwed up. The odd thing about this is that a lot of these women seem even crazier than the killers that they married. Sure they’re not as dangerous, but they’re definitely crazier.

1. Walter Timothy Storey


Walter killed his neighbor after breaking into her apartment and stealing her purse. He was sentenced to death and has since been executed. A woman named Gea Storey moved to the United States from Holland and then almost immediately moved back home. Maybe getting married to a total psycho loser who was in prison for killing someone didn’t work out as well as she thought it was going to. Although I have to say, I would imagine making smart decisions is something that most of these women are probably not well known for because no matter what these women are known for doing in their lives, they all have one thing in common: all of them married a killer who was in prison. Good move, ladies.

2. Angelo Buono


Angelo Buono was the other half of the infamous Hillside Stranglers. While his partner, Kenneth Bianchi, was more the smooth-talking psycho, Angelo tended to get things done more with sadistic brute force. It’s rare that two guys this psychotic would ever team up, let alone meet, but they obviously had a lot in common. One thing they had in common for sure was that they both got married in prison. Angelo married Christine Kizuka while he was incarcerated. They met while she was visiting her husband, who was also in prison. So she was like, “Oh man, I sure am in love with my prisoner husband, but the Hillside Strangler over there is totally flirting with me. What do I do”?  Yes, Christine, you sure are dumb; there’s no doubt about that.

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