11 Weird But True Facts About ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’

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Since people first started buying television sets, there have been several iconic characters and personalities that have ultimately reached a legendary status. Considering all of the different types of programs that have been on the air over the years, it’s a pretty impressive accomplishment to be considered as one of the most memorable. That is exactly the case with iconic children’s show host Fred Rogers. While entertaining and educating kids on his show Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Fred became a cultural phenomenon unlike any children’s entertainer before him. But as great as the show was, there are many things people didn’t realize were happening behind the scenes.


1. The Best Neighbor For Decades


Fred Rogers created Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and with it the most powerful piece of television for kids everywhere. A lot of what he did to make it, or what happened during the decades on-air, are worth looking into.

2. He Was Working At The Big Times At First


After graduating from college, he was working at NBC in NYC as an assistant producer. When he learned that his hometown of Pittsburgh was launching WQED, a public access station, he moved back home at their request. It was a big risk because it wasn’t even on the air yet.

3. A Particular Pace Of Speech For A Good Reason


Rogers learned how to speak at a rate of 124 words per minute and used it in every episode. This was the right level for kids at age 3-5.

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