10 Little Mistakes You Never Noticed In ‘The Brady Bunch’

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If there’s one thing the Brady kids taught us, it’s that little goofs are inevitable in life. Sometimes, you break your mom’s favorite vase while playing basketball indoors. Or, perhaps you want draw up some football plays on the chalk board in the kitchen and you accidentally erase your housekeeper’s forgotten family cake recipe. Hey, it happens in a house full of six kids.

So the creators of The Brady Bunch should not feel too bad about making minor continuity errors and revealing blunders. Such things happen to every show.

Still, they can be pretty fun and fascinating to catch. Here are ten blink-and-you’ll-miss-them goofs from The Brady Bunch.

1. What’s in a name?

“What Goes Up…”

It can be tough to keep actors’ and characters’ names straight in the heat of the moment. In “What Goes Up…,” when Peter hops up on the trampoline, Florence Henderson cheers, “Go get ’em, Chris!” A bit later, Greg lets an “Eve” slip instead of “Jan.” This also happens in “Amateur Night,” when the kids practice for a talent show, as Marcia says, “C’mon, Chris!”

2. Turf’s up!

“Quarterback Sneak”

Are we supposed to believe that’s grass in the Brady backyard? It’s clearly Astroturf. In fact, when the boys are playing football in “Quarterback Sneak,” a tile of artificial turf comes loose. Greg rips up a panel of it when he plants his foot. Speaking of the fake lawn, a stage light reportedly fell early in production and burned a patch of the Astroturf. The crew covered it up with the doghouse.


3. Home security is a real pane in the glass.

“The Big Bet”

This is a little goof you can spot in a few episodes, but this example comes from “The Big Bet.” When Bobby comes in through the sliding glass door, the curtain breezes through the frame — there is no glass in the sliding glass door! In another episode, Sam the Butcher puts his hand through the non-existant pane.


4. Going through changes.

“Goodbye, Alice, Hello”

Little clothing continuity errors pop up through the series. In the intro of “Goodbye, Alice, Hello,” Greg and Peter come home from school, tossing books around like a football. When Greg first enters the backyard, he is wearing what looks like black Beatles boots. However, in the next shot, when they head inside, he has on white Adidas sneakers.


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