10 Completely Undeniable Reasons That Jack and Rose Are Relationship Goals

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Titanic is the greatest movie ever made. Full stop. I will sing its praises until the day I die, and I will also sing “My Heart Will Go On” until the day I die. Despite some of the garbage surrounding Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater’s love story (like Rose kinda sorta cheating on her fiancé with Jack), their brief but fiery romance is one for the history books. He saved her life more than once and helped give her the courage to start a new life when she reached the United States. They fell in love fast and were just absolutely consumed with each other, and if that’s not a love you want in your life, then I just don’t understand you. If, for some odd reason, you need more convincing, I have 10 totally valid reasons that Jack and Rose are couple goals.

1. Jack saved Rose’s life

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Jack and Rose’s love story literally began with him saving her life when she wanted to throw in the towel. It’s hard to say whether or not he did it just because he thought she was hot or if he was just that good of a guy, but I’m going with the latter.

2. They didn’t let class stand in their way

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Jack may have been a person of limited means and Rose may have been about to marry into a huge bunch of wealth, but that didn’t stop them from falling in love. The night she went below deck with him to find a real party (with the rest of the poor folks) was probably the best scene in the whole movie. Money isn’t everything, people.

3. They had a whirlwind romance

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OK, so they fell in love fast, but they were young and beautiful and they just clicked. They fell hard, and it was ridiculously sweet.

4. Jack also rescued her from Cal

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Billy Zane is a babe, but Cal Hockley was a sh*thead. He may have been rich, but he was mean and slightly terrifying. Thankfully, Jack swooped in and rescued Rose from being stuck with him forever.

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