10 Classic Technologies That You’ll Never See Again

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It is clear that we have advanced in leaps and bounds when it comes to our technologies. However, back then, we believed that we were fully advanced already with the devices that we already had. It never occurred to us that these things would only get better in time. For that reason, these 10 technologies have been surpassed and will never be seen again.

1. 45 Records.

These made music accessible to everyone. Even Kids. A lot of these records had storytelling and comics on them. They were great!


2. Video Arcade Game.

These have all been wiped away. There used to be entire corners of businesses, or else, entire businesses dedicated to housing these so that we could go play them. Now, they are few and far between.


3. Rotary Knobs.

Remember having to find the right channel by turning this? Not anymore. We have gone from turning knobs to pushing buttons.



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