Stock, Aitken and Waterman – The 80s Albums

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I decided to collect every Stock, Aitken and Waterman album from the 80s. Why? Because, for me, SAW produced what I consider to be the best music in the 80s. I wasn’t into the moody synth scene of the early 80s, and although I had a Madness, a Shakin Stevens and an Adam And The Ants album, they never really captivated me in the way Pop music did.

I had a huge revelation a few years after the 80s ended. I only realised how good 80s music was in the 90s, when I realised how bad 90s music was. Aside from the SAW tracks that kept being pumped out, I didn’t really find anything that caught my attention.

Anyway, after an evening of research, and few hot Vimtos to keep my energy up, I determined there were 35 Stock, Aitken and Waterman albums that were released between 1984 and 1989. (Pete Waterman had been involved in song production for years prior to 1984, but I was only looking for albums which were part of the combined SAW legacy.)

I’ll use this chronological list to mark off the titles I manage to find, using *. I’ll try to add details of each album I get on here too, although I’ll probably end up just adding details to Twitter. Follow along here – The Twitters

If you spot any titles missing from the list, please let me know via the 80sNostalgia Twitter or Facebook pages.

Divine – The Story So Far
Hazell Dean – Heart First
Various Artists – Chunks Of Funk

Dead Or Alive – Youthquake
Haywoode – Arrival

Bananarama – True Confessions
Brilliant – Kiss The Lips Of Life
O’chi Brown – O’chi
Princess – Princess
Roland Rat – Living Legend The Album
Various Artists – Knights And Emeralds Soundtrack

Bananarama – Wow!
Dead Or Alive – Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know
Laura Branigan – Touch
Mel & Kim – F.L.M.
* Rick Astley – Whenever You Need Somebody
Samantha Fox – Samantha Fox
Sinitta – Sinitta
Various Artists – Cream Of Supreme
Various Artists – The Hit Factory Vol 1
Various Artists – Who’s That Girl Soundtrack

Brother Beyond – Get Even
Hazell Dean – Always
Kylie Minogue – Kylie
Mandy Smith – Mandy
* Rick Astley – Hold Me In Your Arms
Samantha Fox – I Wanna Have Some Fun
Sequal – Sequal
Various Artists – The Hit Factory Vol 2

Donna Summer – Another Place And Time
Cliff Richard – Stronger
Jason Donovan – Ten Good Reasons
Sinitta – Wicked!
* Kylie Minogue – Enjoy Yourself
Various Artists – The Hit Factory Vol 3

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Breaking: Legendary Talk Show Host Larry King Dies At Age 87

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  • Legendary talk show host Larry King died on January 23, 2021
  • He died at the age of 87 from currently unknown causes, though he was hospitalized with COVID-19 months into the pandemic
  • King became a famous force among reporting as a radio and talk show host, particularly with his Larry King Now show



It has been reported that legendary talk show host, Larry King has passed away at the age of 87. No specific cause of death has been named, though he had been hospitalized with COVID-19. He had been hosting Larry King Now.


— Larry King (@kingsthings) January 23, 2021

News came from a Twitter statement on his official account. It reads, “With profound sadness, Ora Media announces the death of our co-founder, host and friend Larry King, who passed away this morning at age 87 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. For 63 years and across the platforms of radio, television and digital media, Larry’s many thousands of interviews, awards, and global acclaim stand as a testament to his unique and lasting talent as a broadcaster.”

Remembering the iconic Larry King

King on the right / Wikimedia Commons

King was born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger on November 19, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York. His mother was born in Lithuania and his father was born in Ukraine. They were both Orthodox Jews. King lost his father when he was young, which made him disinterested in school.

Larry King on a red carpet / Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

However, he had always wanted to work in radio broadcasting. He moved to Florida based on the suggestion of a CBS staff announcer to pursue his dreams. King got his first job in radio in Miami around 1957. He soon found a love for interviewing people.

King / Wikimedia Commons

Around the time, his manager suggested he change his last name because it was difficult to remember. He chose King based on an advertisement for King’s Wholesale Liquor he saw in the Miami Herald. Two years later, he legally changed his name.

larry king talking
Larry King talking / Wikimedia Commons

He began doing interviews at Pumpernik’s Restaurant in Miami with whoever walked in. His first celebrity interview was with singer Bobby Darin. He soon got a job on national radio and appeared on television. His first big gig with CNN was in 1985 on the show Larry King Live.

King has interviewed many influential people and CNN says that he interviewed around 30,000 people just with CNN.

Larry King / Wikimedia Commons

In 2012, King co-founded the network Ora TV. In his final years, he hosted the shows Larry King Now and Politicking with Larry King. He has also been a writer and appeared on many different television shows and movies as a guest star including 30 Rock, Ghostbusters, and more.

In 2009, King admitted to talk show host Conan O’Brien that he wanted to be cryonically preserved upon death.

larry king
Larry King / Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

King has also been asked what he wishes his legacy to be, which he replied (about himself), “His life led to more people having information that they didn’t have before, and he taught us a lot and we learned a lot and enjoyed it at the same time. He brought a great deal of pride to his business.”

We’d say that’s pretty accurate! Did you enjoy watching Larry King on television? Which shows of his did you watch?

larry king wife son
Television host Larry King (C), his wife actress Shawn King and their son Cannon King / KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images

King had been married eight different times to seven different women. He had five children. He is survived by his children and his current wife, Shawn Southwick, whom he married in 1997. They resided in Beverly Hills, California.

Please SHARE to send your respects to Larry King’s family and friends!

Check out the video below where Larry talked about cryonically freezing himself upon death. Do you think he actually did it?

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Is The New Show ‘WandaVision’ Inspired By ‘I Love Lucy?’

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WandaVision is a new Marvel series that recently debuted on Disney+. According to IMDb, the show “blends the style of classic sitcoms with the MCU in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision -two super-powered beings living their ideal suburban lives-begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.”

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda, said she was inspired by three leading ladies for the role. They include Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, and Elizabeth Montgomery. If you watch, you can definitely see that the show took inspiration from classic sitcoms including I Love Lucy. In particular, the show used physical comedy, like many sitcoms from decades ago.

Is the Disney+ show ‘WandaVision’ inspired by ‘I Love Lucy?’

WANDAVISION, from left: Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen
WANDAVISION, from left: Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, (Season 1, ep. 102, aired Jan. 15, 2021). photo: ©Disney+/Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

The director, Matt Shakman said, “When we were in our period sitcoms, when something shifted from a ‘Dick Van Dyke’ or ‘I Love Lucy’ style into something that was outside of that and going into a ‘Twilight Zone’ space, we talked about the period shows that addressed the odd and the strange, and how we could embrace that. That’s a little bit about how we approached the shooting of it and the look of it.”

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WANDAVISION, from left: Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany
WANDAVISION, from left: Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, (Season 1, premiered Jan. 15, 2021). photo: ©Disney+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

The show was also shot in front of a live studio audience, just like I Love Lucy. He continued, “You can feel the energy of that theatrical performance working with the audience, like with Lucille Ball and ‘I Love Lucy’ or ‘Dick Van Dyke.’ And then, when you get into ‘60s shows, like ‘Bewitched’ or ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ it is a fourth wall and, all of a sudden, it’s much more like doing a movie. That laugh track is all canned and brought in, and it changes the energy, the approach, the style, and everything.”

In conclusion, watch the trailer for WandaVision below:

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Why Sammy Davis Jr. Was Banned From JFK’s Inauguration

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Sammy Davis Jr. was a member of the Rat Pack, a Broadway star, and an actor. He made his mark in the movie Ocean’s Eleven and rose to fame quickly in the 1950s. The Rat Pack consisted of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop.

In the ’60s, Sammy was on Broadway and a headliner at The Frontier Casino in Las Vegas. If that wasn’t enough, he was also on television and recording albums. He truly was a legendary entertainer. Things changed when he married his second wife, May Britt. She was white and he was Black, so this caused a lot of controversy at the time.

Sammy Davis Jr. and his wife were banned from the JFK inauguration at the last minute

Sammy Davis Jr, May Britt,
From left: Sammy Davis Jr, May Britt, 1963 / Everett Collection

Racists started protesting Sammy and causing a lot of stir. During this time, Sammy and Frank Sinatra campaigned to elect President John F. Kennedy into office. They performed across the country, campaigning for JFK. They were so excited when he won and Sammy and his wife prepared their outfits for the inauguration.

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sammy davis jr
TAP, Sammy Davis Jr., 1989 / Everett Collection

Then, just three days before the inauguration ceremony, Sammy and his wife were banned. It was reportedly because JFK didn’t want to anger Southerners, who still disliked Sammy and his wife.

However, in 1987, Sammy was honored by the Kennedy Center.

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Carol Burnett Had To Hide Effects Of Her Cosmetic Surgery In One ‘Annie’ Scene

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One of Carol Burnett’s best roles is in the 1982 film Annie as Miss Hannigan. Shortly after she thought they had wrapped up filming, she went to go get cosmetic surgery done. “We all have little hang-ups about ourselves,” she says, noting she had a ‘weak chin’ and was going to get some work done to bring it out more. “I just decided that I would like to have a chin. I’ve never had one. It’s just nice to be able to feel the rain on your chin, and I never felt that. It didn’t take courage to get a chin. It took courage going through life with no chin.”

Well, turns out the original “Easy Street” scene was going to be a lot more than it was… 400 extras, dancers, singers. Burnett herself called it “overkill” and after she had gotten the work done on her chin, she found out they were going to reshoot the scene to what we see now in the film.

Can you tell the difference of Carol Burnett and her cosmetic surgery?

Carol Burnett Had To Hide Effects Of Her Cosmetic Surgery In One 'Annie' Scene
Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

“I got a call from the producers, who said, ‘We’re going to reshoot the ‘Easy Street’ number,” Burnett reveals, adding, “And I said, well, I have a chin now.” Director John Huston wanted to pick up the scene from where Burnett’s character ran into the closet to get Annie’s locket. However, Burnett’s new chin was extremely noticeable now. “I said, ‘Mr. Huston, two months ago, when I ran into the closet, I didn’t have a chin. And now I’m going to come out of the closet with a chin.’”

RELATED: Whatever Happened To Aileen Quinn Who Played Orphan Annie?

Huston’s advice for Burnett? “Well, dear, just come out looking determined.” It definitely worked! Can you tell the difference?

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‘Barney Miller’ Star Gregory Sierra Dies At Age 83

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  • Gregory Sierra died on January 4 at the age of 83
  • He died of cancer and a family spokesman only shared the news recently
  • He became known for shows of varying genres like Barney Miller, Mod Squad, and All in the Family



News broke that Gregory Sierra, an actor known for his comedy roles, died at the age of 83. He passed away from cancer on January 4 but news only broke recently from a family spokesperson.

The native of New York’s Spanish Harlem died in Laguna Woods, California. Before then, he became a Broadway regular then moved on to roles on sitcoms, including the popular Barney Miller series.

The career of Gregory Sierra

Actor Gregory Sierra
Actor Gregory Sierra / Everett Collection

Gregory Sierra was born on January 25, 1937, in Spanish Harlem. From there, he took to off-Broadway and Broadway proper, including 1967’s The Ninety Day Mistress. From there, he managed to land spots on classic shows of varying genres such as The Flying Nun and Mod Squad.

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Indeed, though he’d become memorable in comedies, he would also make waves in more serious genres. In particular, he helped create for a very somber episode of All in the Family, where he played a Jewish vigilante in 1973’s “Archie Is Branded.” Today, it stands as one of the most serious episodes to date.

Rest in peace, Sergeant

Gregory Sierra in Barney Miller
Gregory Sierra in Barney Miller / Everett Collection

Another iconic role for Gregory Sierra came from Barney Miller, in which he played Sergeant Miguel “Chano” Amanguale. He became famously known as a passionate sergeant who could easily get worked up when a case got tense. Then, it would be time for a Spanish tirade.

Sierra felt especially fond of Barney Miller. “I think Barney Miller is much more real than any other cop show,” he once explained. “The people in the show have real problems. Kojak never worries. He knows he’s got it made. Everything is always under control on that show. You never see the frustrations of police work or the kind of joking that goes on among real policemen. Those are the kinds of things we show on Barney Miller.” In this way, Sierra helped audiences escape while also staying real.

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